Rieko Akatsuka
Rieko Akatsuka, Always (t)here, 2017

Rieko Akatsuka Always (t)here  2017  wood and mixed media  40.5 x 27.3 cm  installation view by Oskar Proctor

Curriculum vitae
Exhibitions at the gallery: London Art Fair  2018, A bird in the head  2017, Machinic Alliances  2008  
SELECTED WORKS *click thumbnails to view larger images
2006, origami
Collaboration with Alexa de Ferranti, 2003, mixed media
Print 3, 4, 5
2002, inkjet print on paper
Circuit Board G
2002, computer components and mixed media
2002, perpex, printed film and light, 350 x 500cm
Untitled Print F
2001, inkjet print on paper
1999-2000, computer components and mixed media