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Neville Gabie
Nachum's Coat

10 June to 8 July 2023

 Nachum's Coat

Neville Gabie  Nachum's Coat


Private View: Friday 9 June - 6 to 9pm

Nachum’s Coat
My grandfather’s brother, whose Jewish name Nachum I bear, was photographed in the 1920s in Riga, Latvia. He and my great grandparents were shot dead in the city in 1941 and only my grandfather, who had left much earlier for South Africa, survived.. Had Nachum lived he would have been 59 when I was born. In my 59th year I wanted to make a self-portrait to connect across that broken divide to someone I never met. The reasons for the original photograph are unclear and the clothes he is wearing were likely borrowed for the photograph. The coat for example is clearly too large for him. He looks out anxiously into a future, I look back into the past and the unbreachable chasm between us.’ Nachum means ‘comforter’ in Hebrew.

Current Projects
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