Nicky Coutts : Another Land
 A publication on Nicky Coutts' new photographic work 2006

  Heather & Ivan Morison : Foundation and Empire
A catalogue of the artists' work to date including their illustrated science fiction novel Devine Vessel written while travelling on a cargo vessel from Shanghai to New Zealand 2004

  Paulette Phillips : The Secret Life of Criminals
Catalogue: 24 pages in full colour with essay by Janna Graham 2004

  Sarah Woodfine Artist in Residence 2002/03
Catalogue: 26 pages with 10 illustrations and an with essay by Marco Livingstone 2004

  David Cotterrell: The Impossible Project
Latest monograph. Black Dog Publishing 2003

  The Entangled Eye
Catalogue: 12 pages with 7 colour illustrations and essay in English and Japanese by Simon Grant 2003

Catalogue: 12 pages with 10 colour illustrations and a text by John Tozer 2002

  In Splendid Isolation
Catalogue: 12 pages with 6 illustrations (3 in colour) and an essay by Marco Livingstone 2002

  Deliberate Regression
Catalogue: 16 pages with 8 colour illustrations and texts by Camilla Jalving and Shumon Basar 2002

  Fair Play
Catalogue: 20 pages with 14 colour illustrations and a text by David Barrett 2002

  David Bate: ZerO Culture
An image and text photo-fiction: 24 pages with 10 b&w photographs and a text by Yve Lomax 2000
  Sarah Woodfine
Catalogue: 12 pages with 12 b&w illustrations and a text by Marc Hulson 1999
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