Annie Whiles : CUCKOO
Table Chairs and Cactus Bowl
Table, Chairs and Cactus Bowl  2007
pencil on paper, 152 x 122cm

9 March - 15 April 2007 - extended to 24 April by appointment

In ‘Misery’, Annie Wilkes (Kathy Bates) knows her prisoner has been out of his room because her miniature porcelain penguin has moved a few millimetres. It should have been facing due south, where she placed it. So she breaks his legs with a sledgehammer.

Annie Whiles has placed her drawings of furniture and artefact in Danielle Arnaud's house and gallery, amongst her resident furniture and artefact. This arrangement attempts to compliment the gallery, in a proposal to furnish it. A mutual appreciation is assumed of an exacting approach to penguins and other birds.

Whiles’ practice is rooted in a relationship between art and artefact.

In recent work she has made embroideries and woodcarvings. These drawings have developed from looking at the cartoon process used in preparation for tapestry and also Gustav Stickley’s illustrative designs for Arts and Crafts interiors. For Whiles, both these examples of line drawing challenge their role as mediator between design and object.

‘Often the subjects chosen have an amazing starting point. Not because they are, within themselves, anything extraordinary or unique in terms of proposition or perspective but because they are very ordinary. She wants them to represent something other than their external manner.
The lines describe what is not there.
The drawings represent nothing and plenty more besides.
To make that quality apparent her gesture must seem to disappear.’
Bernard Walsh 2007

Annie Whiles completed her MA in Fine Art at Goldsmiths College in 2000 where is now a lecturer in Art Practice. Recent group exhibitions include: Metropolis Rise, New Art From London, Shanghai and Beijing, 2006; Janus, Cafe Gallery, Southwark Park, London, 2006; Thy Neighbours, Ox 2, Space Station Sixty Five, London, 2005; Cloud & Vision, Museum of Garden History, London, 2005; Death is Part of the Process, Void Gallery, Derry, Northern Ireland, 2005.

The exhibition will be touring to Grundy Art Gallery in Blackpool in June 2007.

Bed. Blind and Bins
Bed, Blind and Bins  2007
pencil on paper, 122 x 152cm
Sofa and March Weeds
Sofa and March Weeds  2007
pencil on paper, 122 x 152cm
Sideboard and Bananas  2007
pencil on paper, 122 x 152cm
Plant on Le Corbusier Chair
Plant on Le Corbusier Chair   2007
pencil on paper, 76 x 122cm
 Cactus, Cup on Table
Cactus, Cup on Table  2007
 pencil on paper, 125 x 78cm
Chair and Plate
Chair and Plate  2007
 pencil on paper, 125 x 90cm 

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Installation Views

Nigel as Tapestry
Sofa and March Weeds
March Weed Pennant One
Bed, Bins and Blind