War Rooms

John Allman  Marcel Broodthaers   Fran Burden  Sandra Cross  Holly Davey  William English  Hywel Wyn Jones 
Barry Kemp  Denzil Forrester  Oona Grimes  Tony Grisoni  Tony Hayward  Christian Israel  David Lamelas
Karl Maibaum  Ulla Maibaum  Paddy Molloy  Philip Parkinson  Marius Pfannenstiel  Kevin Rowe  Gerry Smith  
Walter Swennen  Sabine Thoele

Marius Pfannenstiel
ink jet print

1 - 31 July 2011



In 2011 WAR seems ever present in one form or another. There is no time to catch your breath.

Unlike the Artists' Rifles (1882-1921), artists today take on this subject at a time of their choosing and not always in reaction to a specific conflict. Being neither journalists nor historians, they are free from troublesome responsibilities.

They like to twist and turn this subject in a very personal, individual way. This is certainly true of the 22 artists in this exhibition. They have various nationalities. They have taken on various wars. They use various mediums. One of my interests in putting together this exhibition is to see if anything unifies this varied production apart from my selection. Is perhaps an artist’s contribution in all this, that of helping unload a loaded subject?

The next time you visit the Royal Academy, before entering its doors look to your right and there you will see a plaque to the ARTISTS RIFLES ASSOCIATION. On their website you will see a reference to their badge which consists of two heads, one being Mars - God of War and the other Minerva – Goddess of Wisdom. I would like to finish with a quote from one of their songs:

Mars, he was the God of war, and didn't stop at trifles. Minerva was a bloody whore. So hence The Artists' Rifles.

Gerry Smith 2011



Exhibition event
Listen! An evening of wartime entertainment Monday 29 August 2011


Exhibition Images


Oona Grimes
Oona Grimes Who Let The Dogs out #1  2011
Letratape, spray paint & foam
Oona Grimes
Oona Grimes Who Let The Dogs out #6  2011
Letratape, spray paint & foam
Gerry Smith
Gerry Smith Winder
DVD, 15mn
Kevin Rowe
Kevin Rowe Untitled 2010
ink on paper
Marius Pfannenstiel
Marius Pfannenstiel Sperrkreuz
Camouflage Cup
Marius Pfannenstiel Camouflage Cup
cut-out plastic cup
Barry Kemp Black snow
Barry Kemp Black snow
oil on canvas
Fran Burden
Fran Burden The Armed Man
embroidery on squared canvas
Holly Davey
Holly Davey They could never quench the fire of his enthusiasm
feather and pigment ink
William English Messerschmitt
3 photographs, model toy Messerschmitt car and box (installation view)
Gerry Smith Flag
Gerry Smith Flag
acrlyic and print in metal frame (installtion view)
Hywel Wyn Jones love and war
Hywel Wyn Jones Love and War
installation view
Karl Maibaum collection of watercolours
Karl Maibaum Collection of watercolours 1941-1943
(instalation view)
Gerry Smith soldier
Gerry Smith Do not blame the deeds of the soldiers
mirror, photo of unknown Belgian soldier in frame with mounted light
(installation view)
Gerry Smith Winder DVD
Gerry Smith Winder
DVD, 15 minutes
the storming of hill 27 
The storming of hill 27 Flag installation