Painting is Cruel : Glauce Cerveira  Katie Deith  Theo Kaccoufa  Gerry Smith
The Village
Gerry Smith The Village   2004
oil on board, 122 x 152cm

11 March - 24 April 2005

Painting is cruel refers to a discussion with the artists taking part in this exhibition. Having chosen to work in a medium loaded with history and excellence, the artists have also to face the whims of trends, the competition of new media and are challenged to convey the contemporary, the social and the political in a medium often considered not suitable for the task.

Glauce Cerveira feeds her concepts with images found on the internet. She works out problems both in painting and digitally, allowing the digital images to interfere in the paintings, and vice versa.

Katie Deith uses popular imagery found in travel magazines to create fantasy worlds responding to our need for escapism. Artifice and illusion serve a shifted reality.

Theo Kaccoufa delights in making poetic sculpture. His insight into the natural world is revealed by forming painted lines in space.

Gerry Smith paints with pleasure and sensuality the subtleties of urban living. The social is addressed symbolically and humour is de rigueur.

Katie Deith Neyah   2005
oil on canvas, 51 x 72cm
Katie Deith Kiodas   2005
oil on canvas, 66.5 x 51cm
Comfort and Joy
Glauce Cerveira Comfort and Joy   2005
acrylic and oil on canvas, 150 x 99.5cm
King of the Jungle
Theo Kaccoufa King of the Jungle  2005
mild steel, silver solder, enamel paint, 45 x 74 x 19cm
First Blush
Theo Kaccoufa First Blush   2005
mild steel, silver solder, enamel paint, 73 x 22 x 41cm
Hot Must Have   Ooowh
Glauce Cerveira Hot Must Have  2005
oil, acrylic and synyhetic crystals on canvas, 184 x 140cm
  Theo Kaccoufa/Glauce Cerveira Ooowh  2005
mild steel wire, silver solder, oil alkyd and synthetic crystals, height 44cm
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