Heather & Ivan Morison: Earthwalker
Study for Earthwalker   Study for Earthwalker
Study for Earthwalker (Caribou)   2006
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  Study for Earthwalker (Hyena)   2006
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3 November - 10 December 2006

For their second solo show in the gallery, Heather and Ivan Morison continue in their attempt to survey the earth by collecting images, sounds and stories and rebuilding the familiar into a series of adventures that blend Natural History and Science Fiction. Their work mixes fact and fiction, constructs narratives through different personas, takes us to Transylvania, China, Ecuador, New Zealand and Wales to investigate myths, roses, mushrooms and woods and invites us to contemplate the pleasures and passions of their endeavours.

Starmaker, a medium format slide show of images, entangles the realms of natural and cultural history and science fiction so that we can appreciate the oddities of both.  Featuring dioramas from the American Museum of Natural History,  rose farming in Ecuador and the coastline of the UK, the projection is accompanied by field recordings and electronic sounds sampled from sci-fi movies.

In Crystal Worlds, the artists re-invent beehives into modernist sculpture. By combining form, texture, colour and scent (from cedar wood) the standard bee-keeping trays are transformed into monolithic, surreal columns that might or not belong to our world.

Earthwalker is a series of photographs onto which the artists draw architectural-like structures, referring geometry, kites, fungi growth or extra-terrestrial invasion.  Like purposeful doodles, the drawings imbue the images with humour, fantasy or threat.

In 2006 Heather & Ivan Morisons' work was included in the British Art Show 6, a Hayward Gallery touring exhibition; Starry Messenger, Compton Verney; Spectator T, Sheffield.  They are currently working with Situations, University of the West of England, on a new arts and ecology residency programme.  The artists have been selected to represent Wales at the Venice Biennale of Art 2007, together with Richard Deacon and Merlin James. 

Press and Reviews:

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Starmaker   Starmaker   Starmaker   Starmaker
Starmaker (Earthwalker)   2006
Dual medium format slide/audio installation
Crystal World   Crystal World
Crystal World  2006
Installation Views
Installation View
Installation View
Installation View
Installation View