Katie Deith : New Paintings
Katie Deith Surucipe 2007
Surucipe  2007
oil on canvas 107 x 137 cm

11 January - 10 February 2008

For her second solo show in the gallery, Katie Deith presents a series of paintings depicting fantasy landscapes in her obsessive, precise style confidently disturbed by vibrant abstract brushstrokes.

Just like the best writers of Sci-fi, and the best film directors, Katie Deith, in her aesthetically compelling paintings is able to successfully blur the boundaries between fact and fiction, reality and fantasy; the figuration in her dream-like landscapes is a convincing iteration of actual scenes, composed as a sort of fantasia on the theme of holiday destinations. Roy Exley

Katie Deith trained at the Slade School of Fine Art, London. Recently she was included in Natural Causes, Wings Projects, Switzerland; The Real Ideal, The Millennium Galleries, Sheffield.


Katie Deith Elissa 2008  
Elissa  2008
oil on canvas 112 x 92 cm
Katie Deith Heliokios 2007 Katie Deith Clion
Heliokios  2007
oil on canvas 66 x 40.5 cm
Clion  2007
oil on canvas 87 x 46 cm
Katie Deith Sullegin 2008  
Sullegin 2008
oil on canvas 76 x 91.5 cm
Katie Deith Hanuk 2007
Hanuk 2007
oil on canvas 36 x 20 cm