Faye Claridge: Descendants of the Unfamiliar

Faye Claridge Descendants of the Unfamiliar

Descendants of the Unfamiliar (1) 2009
lambda print

27 March – 3 May 2009

In Faye Claridge’s latest work, Morris dancers from a number of different traditions are brought together for a remarkably unsettling photographic series.  Claridge has worked with the dancers and created specially painted backdrops, to explore a myriad of social and artistic issues.  Claridge’s key interest is subjectivity and our relationships to strangers in the present and the past.  She deliberately works on the margins of society, with groups who are ridiculed or feared for the image they portray of themselves and their national identity.

Employing techniques from the renaissance workshop and the photographer’s studio, in video and photography, Claridge creates work that forces us to confront the ethics of identity and representation.

Claridge is an interdisciplinary artist, who frequently works site-specifically, often using lens-based media and installation to research the preservation and interpretation of experience.  Born in Birmingham in 1976, Faye Claridge received an MA Fine Art distinction from UCE in 2005. She has had numerous shows around the UK and Europe and a residency in the Czech Republic.  Most recently she was commissioned to make work for the 2008 Tatton Park Biennial and in December 2008 showed in an exhibition of female portrait photographers, Contemporary Portraits, at The Photographer’s Gallery.  She has also been awarded a video bursary to develop a new HD video with Coventry Artspace.  Claridge is co-founder of Periscope project space, a commissioning editor for Midwest artists’ website, a visiting lecturer in Photography & Fine Art and a video journalist for the BBC.

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Faye Claridge
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