Abigail Reynolds  Christian Nold  Cleo Broda  Ellie Harrison  Hannah Brown  Helen Frosi and Richard Dedomenici
An exhibition of artists who collect, list, database and absurdly analyse the data of everyday life.
Abigail Reynolds
Abigail Reynolds Co-ordinates of Flame 2006
wood, metal and plastic

10 March - 23 April 2006

Day-to-Day Data is a national touring Exhibition, Publication and Web-based Exhibition curated by artist Ellie Harrison. Day-to-Day Data exhibits newly commissioned work by seven artists, encompassing a wide breadth of working practice and presenting an extensive survey of imaginative methods of data visualisation, through different media.

The gallery exhibition features brand new, previously unseen work by Abigail Reynolds, Cleo Broda, Ellie Harrison, and Richard Dedomenici alongside the new commissions (previewed at the start of the tour) by Christian Nold, Hannah Brown and Helen Frosi.

The Day-to-Day Data website ( not only plays host to four exciting new web-based commissions by Adele Prince, Anders Bojen & Kristoffer Orum, Jem Finer and Kevin Carter, but also provides a resource of information about all of the Artists and publishes three specially commissioned essays exploring the exhibition theme by Ben Highmore, Kris Cohen and Sarah Cook.



Bio Mapping
Friday 10 March, 2 - 5pm and ongoing throughout the exhibition.
The Bio Mapping device allows you to measure your levels of stress and excitement as you walk through the city. Devices will be available to borrow from the gallery on a drop-in basis throughout the exhibition. On Friday 10 March, Christian Nold creator of Bio Mapping will be at the gallery to introduce visitors to the project.

  Christian Nord Bio Mapping

Trolley Spotting
As part of Adele Prince’s web-based project Trolley Spotting, the entire fleet of trolleys at the local Tesco Superstore will be tagged. Drop by and see if you can spot a turquoise trolley tag anytime for the duration of the exhibition.
Special Trolley Spotting maps will be available for visitors to pick up from the gallery.

Tesco, 227 Kennington Lane, London, SE11 5QU (10 minutes walk from Danielle Arnaud contemporary art)

  Adele Prinde Trolley Spotting

Physical Bar Charts
Lucy Kimbell’s Untitled (physical bar charts) will be sited in the busy reception area of Durning Library for the duration of the exhibition. Respond to the question ‘What did you do last week?’ by taking one of the five brightly coloured button badges whose slogan best sums up how you spent your time.

Durning Library, 167 Kennington Lane, London, SE11 4HF (10 minutes walk from Danielle Arnaud contemporary art)

  Lucy Kimbell

Symposium at the ICA
Saturday 18 March, 4 - 6pm
The Day-to-Day Data Symposium offers a unique insight into the project through the eyes of five of the artists involved. It features presentations by Abigail Reynolds, Adele Prince, Ellie Harrison, Richard Dedomenici and Tony Kemplen.
More of the Day-to-Day Data artists will also be present and discussions will continue into the evening in the ICA bar.
£5, £4 ICA Members.

Institute of Contemporary Arts
The Mall, London SW1Y 5AH
020 7930 3647

  Tony Kemplen

The Day-to-Day Data Publication is the central point of the project, a place where each of the twenty artists can be studied side-by-side. The new commissions continue onto its pages with five page-based works by Gabrielle Sharp, Mary Yacoob, Therese Stowell, Tim Taylor and Tony Kemplen and with specially commissioned essays by Ben Highmore and Kris Cohen.
RRP £10 ISBN 0 905634 71 3
Available at
The publication will also be for sale at a special price of £6 during the Launch Event on Friday 10 March.


Web-based Exhibition
Go trolley spotting, learn to de-code baby language, find out where the stars appear down on earth or discover the secret history of soap. Four new web-based projects by Adele Prince, Anders Bojen & Kristoffer Orum, Jem Finer and Kevin Carter can be viewed online now.

The Day-to-Day Data exhibition and programme of events form part of - a month long season of media arts projects taking place across London in March 2006.

  Bojen Orum
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Installation Views  
Nail Salon Belt   Nail Salon Belt   Nail Salon Belt
Richard Dedomenici Nail Salon Belt 2006
London A to Z map, nails, pillar Box Red nail polish
Dairy Day to Data   Bio Mapping
Ellie Harrison Daily Data Display Room 2006
10 mn DVD film and mixed media
  Christian Nold Bio Mapping, 2006
computer projection, Bio Mapping device
Bio Mapping   Bio Mapping   Bio Mapping
Christian Nold (Details)        
Personal Soft Data Archive   Life / Lotto   Physical Bar Charts
Cleo Broda Personal Soft Data Archive System 2006
nine inkjet prints and users guide
  Helen Frosi Life / Lotto 2005
mixed media
  Lucy Kimbell Physical Bar Charts 2006
perspex, metal and plastic (at Durning Library)
The co-ordinates of 'pay'   The co-ordinates of 'pay'   The co-ordinates of 'pay'   The co-ordinates of 'pay'
Abigail Reynolds The co-ordinates of 'pay' 2006
glass, seeds and hosery
The co-ordinates of 'flame'   The co-ordinates of 'flame'
Abigail Reynolds The co-ordinates of 'flame' 2006
wood, metal and plastic
Trolly Spotting   Trolly Spotting   Trolly Spotting
Adele Prince Trolly Spotting at Tesco, Kennington Lane , 2006
supermarket trolley, GPS device and plastic tags