Sophie Lascelles
In the grasslands  2013  16mm film
Curriculum vitae

Sophie Lascelles grew up and worked travelling the world with Footsbarn Travelling Theatre, returning to the UK in 1997. Frequently featured are theatrical objects such as miniature big tops, and auditoriums and the work often consists of multiple projections: in Anna's Garden, Anna Andreyevna is 'struck' by the full moon shining in from a separate projection. Her films depict solitary characters: dusky figures reminiscent of early silhouettes, circus artists and smoking dames. The figures are often hidden from view, like half-glimpsed memories or dark childhood reveries. Her work is inspired by early traditions of magic lanterns and optical toys. Working sculpturally with the projections, the images take on three dimensional qualities: moving over surfaces, into cracks; a blurred image on the wall comes fleetingly into focus, in a corner under the radiator, a women’s shadow circles, silhouetted against the evening sky, a man digs; his garden or something more sinister? Recent work shows experimentation of projection onto models, resulting in three-dimensional moving images.

SELECTED WORKS *click thumbnails to view larger images
Akemi part2
2007, 16mm film (work in progress)
2006-07, card cutout and slide projection, dimensions variable
Beech Tree
The Knoll
The Interval
2005, 16mm film continuous loop, 35 mm slide projection, hand tinted relief model, 1.4 x 1.2m
Went to Retrieve the Takings
2003, 16mm film loop and tent
2003, 16mm film loop, projector
2002, 16mm film stills
2002, 16mm film loop, projector
The Small Hours
2002, 16mm film loop, projector
Anna Andreyevna
2001, table, chair, linen tent, grass, projector, film and string