Oona Grimes
Drawings From the Cutting Room Floor   1999/2000
felt pen and ink
Brine Stain
Brine Stain, 2000, 114 x 203cm
Hedge, 1999, 54 x 120cm
Plug, 1999, 58 x 130cm
Iceberg, 1999, 58 x 140cm

These drawings are like a storyboard for a yet to be produced film - a dark mirror of the authorised version - constructed from the out-takes left on the cutting room floor. A negative epiphany. Gems from trash.

Images seethe and burst the frame, characters tumble through one another's stories in a frenzy; a juxtaposition of conflicting scales, colliding perspectives and unnerving shifts in gravity's pull. Projected demons hold their victims spellbound; hypnotised by the funnel of light as in a slasher movie, while we track behind the screen to witness one more terror after another, waiting for us in a succession of shocks. Violent montage. Gleeful play.