Riddle me

Installation Views

Sophie Lascelles show time
Sophie Lascelles show time  2008
5 slide projections, 16mm film, paper
Sarah Woodfine Boy     Sarah Woodfine Boy
Sarah Woodfine Boy  2008
pencil on paper, wood and Perspex
47 x 60 x 30 cm
Oona Grimes and Sophie Lascelles Peril
Oona Grimes & Sophie Lascelles Peril  2008
Artist’s book, etching and mixed media text: Tony Grisoni
21.2 x 34 cm,  box 23 x 46 cm
Helen Marten Paramount Mountain
Helen Marten Paramount Mountain  2008
Terrazzo, quilted fabric, plasticised aluminium, fimo, papier-mâché skull,
portable dvd player, suspended animation
Helen Marten Horse       Helen Marten modern typography
Helen Marten Horse with no name  2008            Modern Typography 2008
Pixels, walnut veneer dowel headphones            OH M8 customised Nike 8 and ½ s, lycra,
(Soundtrack- Seelenluft)                                       black square, digital print