Nicky Coutts

Nicky Coutts  Under the Weather  2014  Iverewe garden  photograph by Ewen Weatherspoon


Curriculum vitae

Exhibitions: Millions Like Us, The Discovery of Slowness

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Under the Weather
2014, Iverewe garden
photographs by Ewen Weatherspoon



A Tower in the Minds of Others
2008, garden sheds

Nicky Coutts A Tower in the Minds of Others 2008



The Empire of Lights
2007, video, 18mn



2007, video, 10mn



The Discovery of Slowness (An Attempt at Drowning and An Attempt at Disappearance)
2007, video, 26mn



At Sea series
2007, Inkjet print, 840 x 594 mm



Estates (Longleat)
2007, C-type print on aluminium, 155 x 123 cm



A City Hunts a Murderer
2006, Video



Another Land 3
2006, Black and white photograph on aluminium, tryptich, 150 x 230 cm



2003, C-type print on aluminium, 48.8 x 56.5 cm



Dark Day
2003, C-type print on aluminium, 38 x 74.5 cm



2003, C-type print on aluminium