Lucy Gunning Untitled 2004
1' 45" video plywood and glue
courtesy: Matt's Gallery



Roxy Walsh  Hole in my Head, Bird-Dog, Bird (triptych)  2004
watercolour on linen and gesso panel


Mark Dean Satellite (44100:50=882) 2003
video projection with video and sound monitor



Phyllida Barlow Untitled 2004
wood, filler, gloss paint, cardboard, brown paper, paint can, plaster, tape, pillow, polystyrene, rope, canvas and cement

Erika Winstone don't understand / Stagecoach 2004
silver point wall drawing, DVD, drilled acrylic and oil on board


Oona Grimes
 rrrr  2004
The Anatomy of an Amorous Consumption
book of 16 hand coloured etchings and letraset each 23 x 60 cm